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We believe good design is for everyone.


We founded Inkling Creative Group in 2012 and have helped our corporate clients  "graphically shine" in their branding and marketing. From logos and websites to environmental graphics, we've done the proverbial "it all".  Keri and I started the company with the mission to do "big agency" work as a small agency. To be nimble, responsive and to provide a high level of design at an affordable price... And we've succeeded. 


So, now we are ready to take on another challenge... Over the years we've had friends, family and clients ask us for personal designs. Designs they couldn't otherwise find. And we delivered. The best part? How deeply excited, moved and/or appreciative our friends/family were for the unique and personal designs we created. This is our driving force behind ic-goodies. 


The best thing we can offer to you is unique and personal graphic design at an affordable price. So send us requests for the designs you want, even if it's just one sign/shirt/mug/bag/you name it, we can do it (all products are professionally printed). But we aren't only focusing on the end customer, we are still here to help small businesses with their promotional needs. We're also selling standard and stock products, but in the event that you see something you like, but want to add a name, color or other message we can take care of you!


Email: jaime@inklingcg.com or keri@inklingcg.com

Phone: 513 520 9268

- Jaime & Keri

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